Our goal is "to create value for our customers".

Our mission is "to satisfy customer's demands".

We are convinced that only the high quality products and excellent work can create the best interests for our employees and company.   

We implement a strict system of self-evaluation and improvement.

We understand that to ensure high customer satisfaction, we must rely on all staff together in the collective spirit, dedicated to customer service, never slack. 

"We make more efforts than others".


Our objectives: To create values for customers, make efficiency for society.
Provide opportunities for staff, gain development for enterprise.
Our spirits: To make impossible possible, pursue perfect details and excellence, surpass ourselves.

Our Goal: To provide professional products and services for global customers, 

Strive to develop as the first-class power equipment supplier from China.

Our Service: To manufacture first class products, provide professional solutions,
Satisfy customer's demands, exceed customer'sexpectations.

Our vision: Quality first, integrity supreme, brand orient, dedication highest.

Our characteristics: Prompt responses, rapid reaction, no excuses, seek for solution.

Our principles: People oriented, possess both political integrity and professional competence, mutual development, build a learning-oriented team.


"GB Cup" Badminton Match
"GB Cup" Badminton Match, as a traditional competition of GB Power, was held in the afternoon of June 19th, which aroused wide concern of the whole company. Over 60 employees had attended this match, including 8 teams as E-business, assembly workshop, quality control etc. Each round was fiercely competed, especially in the final stage. At last, international marketing team won the championship.

Respect Sports Spirit, Transmit GB Culture
Sport is an integral part of GB worker's spare time. One worker once said that sport spirit is not only tenacious struggle which makes us advanced, but also a way to win honor on the basis of respecting rules and opponents. Sport spirit not only makes us have full and positive mind, but also makes us understand how important partners and competitors are.

Pursuit of excellence, fair competition and responsibility consciousness are also the special shining points of GB culture.
Join in team, go beyond ourselves - outdoor training: Recently, international market Dept. staff of GB POWER have taken a 2-day extension training at Shanghai Ski Resort. The staff had gained self-growth by teamwork.

In this training, the participants were divided into 3 teams. There are both fierce competition and tacit cooperation. Courage, cooperation and encouragement are fully embodied in every part of the activities.
Positive life attitude and good team cooperation are the basic quality for all staff. GB POWER takes outdoor activities as a way to help staff develop their potential, build better personality, and obtain new knowledge and personal growth among colleagues and company.