Alternator assembly line: 2
Muffler and open style diesel generator assembly line: 1
Diesel air cooled electric generator assembly line: 1
Gasoline generator assembly line: 1
Packing line: 1
Soundproof production line: 1
Painting line: 1
Rotor and stator lamination line: 1
Integrated stator production line: 1
Plastic stator  production line: 1
Wiring line: 1
Impregnating stator line: 1


Insists on taking improving products competitive power as the core of scientific research, combining "scientific research and tackle the key research project, technological advance, and technological improvement" with "production, study, and research" as three main lines, depending on strong research team, GB POWER seeks innovation and follows advanced technology, keeping improving technology innovation ability.
Company insists on paying close attention to foreign market demand and technology trend, selectively adopting and combining with own strength, seeking R&D and innovation in the long running.
Besides, we constantly enlarge investment on technology innovation and research. In order to accelerate developing new products and large-scale production, we invest 8% of sales value as development fund every year, which offers financial guarantee for technology improvement.